Our Studio

Our studio offers a variety of backdrops and styles to suit our customer's tastes and function.

Our services to you have always changed for the better. We have been developing and restoring memories for people for a long time, and now technology allows us to keep those loving memories in a clearer, sharper image. We are talking about pictures. Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words.

Photography & Imaging services

We maintain our best service to you as we have had done since on the day we established our business. Among some of these services include:
* Special Events Photography
* Wedding Photography
* Commercial Photography
* IC/Passport Photograph and Personal Photographs
* Professional and Amateur photographic Equipment, Films and Accessories
* developing of negative films & slide films
* printing on photographic paper & trans of various sizes
* sales of films, camera, projectors, tripods & other photographic-related products
* studio & outdoor photography for weddings, functions & special events
* large-format inkjet printing
* colour photocopy for proposals, reports and company cv colour copying (CLC)

Digital Printing

* colour copying (CLC)
* large-format inkjet printing
* digital imaging
* instant printing from digital files
* on demand (small quantity) printing
* lamination for any size
* mounting & framing
* instant namecards binding
Digital Restoration
* photo restoration
* photo retouch

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Located right in the  Miri  city centre at High Street, Soo Chew Company has been in business since 1963. We provide professional photo ...